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[Panel 1]
[style octagon]
[textcolour DarkOrchid4]

I'm really sorry to
bother you, Bell...

's ok. I was awake anyhow.

I just got in from work...


And I'm going to be
leaving for work in about
half an hour, so...

[Panel 2]
oh hell.
I thought it was
your night off.

So did I. Then Mandi called in
sick and Bryan can't do a
twelve-hour shift solo and
Ferd's got to go and fetch his
mother from the airport so Steve
rang and asked me to cover until
Jon gets in if he does, so I...

Bell, this is important!

... told him he owed
me bigtime and...

[Panel 3]
Phil says I'd better find
somewhere to sleep tonight.
Could I crash at yours?

What?! He's only the senior
tenant! He hasn't got any right
to do that! You have to stand up
to him, Elizabeth...

Oh... Did he make a
pass or something?

If that creep has laid a finger
on you so help me I'll...

I've got friends.
Just say the word...

No, no...

[Panel 4]
He can't just throw you out with
no notice! Listen, I know a
really good tenancy lawyer...

It's nothing like that... for once...

You remember that
storm this morning?

Most of it seems to have
ended up indoors here.

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