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[Panel 1]
Any word on that security flap?
I heard some random stranger was
wandering around the building for
a few hours.

I know they were setting up a
company-wide memo, but then it
all went quiet.

[Panel 2]
Oh? Time to check the video

But the security cameras are all
analogue on a private wiring

Security cameras? All the PCs in
this place have webcams. What did
you think that new terabyte array
was for? Let's see...

[Panel 3]
Ah, right. 2.17pm, he gets into
the cleaning staff break room.

2.20pm, he gets invited into
their "friendly" poker game...

2.53pm, he's lost all the
laptops he scaled, plus the
money he brought with him....

[Panel 4]
3.14pm, they send him out to the
cashpoint to get more money.

He hasn't come back yet.

There's sensible.

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