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[Panel 1]
[style octagon]
[textcolour DarkOrchid4]
Nils, sorry to bother you at
work, but is it OK if Elizabeth
crashes for a bit?

A non-existent person can only
take up non-existent space. No

[Panel 2]
No, seriously. Her flat's been
flooded out, and she needs to
stow her books and stuff while
she finds a new one.

Seriously. Even if she has twice
as much impact on my life as
she's had so far, I still won't

[Panel 3]
I think there's my old camp bed
in the box room, and plenty of
space to stack stuff.

Don't be surprised if she's
a bit stand-offish. You
know what Phil's like.

[Panel 4]
Ag, the only time we met he was
wondering whether he could get
away with a pass at ME.

Until he worked out who you

You beat up one "happy bisexual"
who's picking on some mixed-up kid
and next minute you're a gay-basher.
A reputation has its uses.

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