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[Panel 1]
Bell, you remember that
you didn't tell me about
the ghost in the pub?

Yes, but I can't see
why you think that's
such a big deal.

He never does
anything weird.

Well, he drinks mild.
That's a bit unusual.

[Panel 2]
But if you didn't tell
me about THAT ghost...

Are there any others that
have just slipped your
mind, by any chance?

One ghost per pub is
quite enough, surely?

No, I meant here.

[Panel 3]
She probably means the
headless horseman in the yard.

I thought you said he
was a lost vegetarian.

That's the headless
HORSE in the yard.

It's waiting to be fed.

Poor silly thing.

[Panel 4]
So there isn't a mad monk
that crashes around on the
stairs in the early hours?

I thought that was you.
You're the one who
doesn't need sleep.

Nope. I was in my
room when I heard it.

Are you telling me
we've got a tokoloshe?


No. I think I may be
telling you we've got mice.

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