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[Panel 1]
Hang on.

You say it's
crashing about
on the stairs.

It can't be a ghost, they rattle
chains, or at least pint glasses.

And it can't be mice, everyone
knows about "quiet as a mouse".

Omigahd, don't tell me
we've got one of those
ghosts that POLTERS!

[Panel 2]
Are you claiming to
be an adolescent?

Everyone knows
that's what makes

Clear case of
arrested development.

That's rich coming from someone
who goes "squee" every time
anyone says "Miyazake".


[Panel 3]
Seriously, Bell -- if you
think mice are QUIET you
never shared a house with one.

I hate to admit it
about a woman who says
"squee", but she's right.

Mice in the loft sounds
like a rugby game
happening in the roof.

And when they go into
a scrum bits of plaster
fall off the ceiling.

Mice are noisy little buggers.

[Panel 4]
In any case I don't
know why you thought
a noise on the stairs
might be Elizabeth.

We all know she's
completely silent.

True for you.

And the one time I did
meet a mouse on some
stairs, it made more
noise than I did.

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