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The quotation is taken from John Martin Crawford's translation (1888) of the Kalevala. Loviatar is mentioned in Rune 45.

[Panel 1]
Oh, not more kit.
Where's that going?

Into the rack where the
tokoloshes can't get it.

The rack is full.

I can spare some space
for this. It's got the
old SMP architecture and
four CPU sockets and a
UW-SCSI backplane and...

That's nice.

[Panel 2]
So what's leaving?

I can get Jaakko to take
boerewors. It's a bit old and
slow and I can live without it.

Not if he knows what's good for
him. Last time he was over he
said his girlfriend threatened
to "do a Loviatar" if he
brought back any more kit.

Whatever that means.

[Panel 3]
Goddess of suffering and disease.
She's in the Kalevala.

The blind daughter of Tuoni,
Old and wicked witch, Lowyatar,
Worst of all the Death-land women,
Ugliest of Mana's children,
Source of all the host of evils,
All the ills and plagues of Northland,
Black in heart, and soul, and visage,
Evil genius of Lappala,
Made her couch along the wayside,
On the fields of sin and sorrow;
Turned her back upon the East-wind,
To the source of stormy weather,
To the chilling winds of morning.

Oh. Not Jaakko, then.

Well, there's always
Computers By Kilo.

Do I want to know?

They buy up old computers
by weight, and send them
to a better place.

[Panel 4]
Are you sure about that?

Definitely. And they don't
strip them for parts at all.
It's a happy sanctuary!

Happy sanctuary. Yes Nils.
Anything you say.

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