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[Panel 1]
It's all true!

What is?

That thing
about the Thing.

Bell, you're wittering.

WHAT thing about WHAT thing?

[Panel 2]
What they were saying
about that Olympic thing.

She's finally cracked.
It has got to her. She
is no longer coherent.

Elizabeth, do you
by any chance have
any smelling salts?

Oh, stop being dense, you
two! The Olympic THING.

[Panel 3]
I think she means that
what d'you call it? Logo?

That would explain why
she's wittering, then.

She must have looked
at it by accident.

Maybe I'd better go and try
to find the sal volatile Ma
gave me for a Christmas joke.

[Panel 4]
I'm fine, don't be silly.

So why are you wittering?

Dave was in the Rose tonight
and he said it's true what
Epilepsy Action said. That
THING gave him a seizure!

That's not exactly surprising,
is it? Lots of people said that.
They pulled it because of that.

Yes, but Dave's blind.

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