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[Panel 1]
You're back late. Has Tesbury's run
out of white-bread sandwiches again?

No, stranger than that. I was
on my way over there when it
started raining, so I ducked
into that little arcade just
the other side of South Quay.
Turns out they have a
fish-and-chip shop.

What, between Yachts R Us
and Gold-Plated Diamonds?

[Panel 2]
Tucked in round the back. I don't
think anyone knows it's still there
since they tarted the place up.

Are you sure it is?

Of course I'm sure, woman!

I just thought, you know, you were
obviously weak with hunger, you
might have been hallucinating.

Nobody could hallucinate the
smell of vinegar on hot chips.

[Panel 3]
Anyway, I wandered in and the
woman started up as if I
were her long-lost cousin.

All "you aren't eating enough"
and "have some more fish".

I keep telling you that you
can't live on vitamin pills and
coffee. She was quite right.

Took me an hour to get out again.
She wouldn't even let me pay!

[Panel 4]
They won't stay in business
long doing that. I'd better
head over before they run out.

I wonder if the fish-lady maybe
has another cousin from
Northern Ostrobothnia?

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