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[Panel 1]
Evening, Bell. Two pints.
And several more to come.

Tough day?

Someone let a JCB loose
near Telehouse. We've
been repairing the damage.

Every time they let 'em off
the lead, it's the same thing.
Cables dug up and cut, scraps
of insulation everywhere...

[Panel 2]
Maybe they just get confused so
far from their natural habitat.

And where exactly IS the
natural habitat of the JCB?

[Panel 3]
Haven't you ever heard of
the JCBs of the Serengeti?

Of course!

The mighty herds of diggers,
thundering majestically
across the plains...

Here's your pint, O Great Whi...

Except when they stop to dig
up some fibre, of course.

[Panel 4]
It's why the phone lines never
work round those parts. That and
the locals nicking them to sell
back to the phone company.

Yes, but if the JCBs
didn't eat the comms
cables they'd starve!

Great White Hunter on the...
WHAT did you say?

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