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[Panel 1]
Bell, I would like a double vodka
please. No, make it a triple.

Why not just buy a
bottle and go home?

I don't want to sit on my
own feeling lomp. I've
done that all afternoon.

So you want to talk about
it. That's my job. Give!

All I did ... ALL I DID was put
the mockers on someone who was
scaring the piss out of a gay kid.

[Panel 2]
You're being done for it?

Nah, that was long
time ago. Just that's
why I got mistaken
for the sort of creep
who beats up women.

What? You mean somebody wanted
you to beat up his bird?

I wish. Then I could
have decked him.

What he did was use me as a
shoulder. He's getting done
for beating up a prostitute
and breaking her arm.

[Panel 3]
God! That's horrible...

He thinks that's the
"rough" he paid for. He
thinks I would have too.

So what WILL you do?

What can I do? He thought I'd
help him. But it HURTS that
he thinks I'm like that.

Oh, Nils, hinny... No-one who
knows you would think that!

[Panel 4]
HE does.

He's a moron. WE know better.

What YOU'D do, you'd break his
arms and drop him in the river.

Don't tempt me. I keep trying to work
out the best way to make a trebuchet
out of bits from the machine-room and
then lure him into it...

Sounds good to me.

Do I get to break his arms?

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