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[Panel 1]
Jaakko, it's good to see you, but
I don't quite understand ...

I was afraid I had offended you
somehow, when you spat out the
mämmi that I offered yesterday.

Well, you said it's made of
oats and corn and barley.

It is an old custom for
Easter Saturday in Finland.

[Panel 2]
This is Docklands.
And I don't do gruel.

So I thought that perhaps
you and the girls would
like some other old custom.

That thing in the yard
is an olive branch?

... well, it is not
exactly an olive branch. A
hazel branch, in fact...

You didn't offend them so they don't
need an olive branch. Unfortunately
they're both out for the day anyway.
Something came up with Elizabeth's mum.

[Panel 3]
But you are not offended
either, so I need no olives.

No. I'll even
offer you an
egg. Have several!
There must be
two dozen here.

But this is another custom from
Finland! We too paint eggs!

I wish you'd have a couple. I think
I shall get egg-bound or something.

[Panel 4]
I think it was Elizabeth's
idea. So probably Olde
Englishe rather than Finnish.

So now, we bring in the hazel
branch after all and we decorate it
with ribbon and painted eggs.


They will think that it is a bit of
Finland! They will not believe...

I suppose we couldn't just
make a braai with the branch
and fry up some of the eggs?

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