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[Panel 1]
Oh, Nils - before you
go, are you busy
tomorrow afternoon?

Maybe not. What's up?

I need a hand with my wedding.

This is a bit sudden, isn't it? Did
your girlfriend put you up to this?

[Panel 2]
Oh, Kaija won't be there.
She's gone away. But, um...

Don't do it! I'm sure it
seems like a good idea now,
but divorces are EXPENSIVE.

I only...

And if she's rushing you into
this she CAN'T be a good thing.

[Panel 3]
# heads together
I've got enough problem
in my life right now. Let's
at least sort THIS one.

I think you should pretend
to go along with it...

Right, I'll make
sure we get "lost"
on the way there.

And I'll track down
this girl and have
Words with her.

You think I'm crazy or something?


[Panel 4]
I don't even know who is.

I am only providing the
fireworks. I need a helper.

Oh, right, I'm in. Why
didn't you say so?

Nils, I love you like a brother,
but we are going to the pub now and
you are going to buy me many drinks
as apology for thinking such things.

Fair enough -- any excuse
for a dop or two...

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