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Thanks to Roger BW, Jim, Niklas Karlsson and Ben A L Jemmett, all of the Monastery.

A certain logo is used under its open licence terms.

[Panel 1]
Hi, Jaakko, Nils! Time
off for bad behaviour?

In theory we are on the
way back to the office.

So in practice you came
in for a quick half.

That is right. I don't often
see an empty pub, so I thought
I would find out what you do
when there are no punters.

Well, today we have
cleaning the bar.

[Panel 2]
But that you do all the time.
I see you with your cloth
wiping the beer off it.

I mean the cupboards. This
one is a dilly. Steve's private
store of Strange Booze.

Don't keep us in suspense!
What's his secret tipple?

I dunno that he actually
DRINKS any of them...

[Panel 3]
They look pretty
evil to me. There's






I have heard of Qrovna.
It is Slovenian, I think.

[Panel 4]
Pass that over a second....


Last time I smelt that
it was coming out of a
leaky rotor bearing.

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