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[Panel 1]
Oh, here you are.

Someone from Security was
looking for you just now. I
said I thought you'd gone for
lunch, and he said he'd catch
you when you came in then.

Perkeleen perkele!

Looks as if They finally cracked
the crypto on your laptop.

[Panel 2]
I don't like the
sound of that "catch".

Maybe I should
make a run for
it -- try for

You wouldn't get out
of the building now.

So. I go. If I vanish,
tell the embassy.

Good luck!

[Panel 3]
[style rect]

You're back, then.
What happened? You
don't need bail?

You know, my laptop was in
the basement all this time?


I must have forgotten to
take it with me that Friday.

You have the devil's own luck!
So now what about the other one?

[Panel 4]
That is easy.

You throw it
in the Thames?

I land it on someone
else and let THEM worry.

You have any
you dislike?


Do you still have the key
to the boss's office?

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