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[Panel 1]
They LIKED it!

Yes Bell.

But it was just basic
scorched slabs of meat.
And they LIKED it!

That's not so surprising...

seven, eight, nine...

[Panel 2]
Did someone say
scorched slabs of meat?

...yeah, but these were
NORMAL people!

Yup, under ten seconds
from mention of meat
to Nils' arrival.

Are you saying I'm not normal?


Nicest thing you've
said to me all week...

[Panel 3]
Anyhow, Bell, I told you so.

And I told you so too.

All right, you both did.
It was almost fun. -Ish.
And now it's over with.

Um, well, about that...

[Panel 4]
Lots of the
guests were
asking my
cousin where
they could get
a caterer like
that for their
own events.

Oh no you don't.
This was a one-off.

And here's your
share of the loot.

HOW much?

Come to think of it, I
haven't yet tried Elizabeth's
recipe for Frumenty...

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