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[Panel 1]
More freecycling?

Woooh -- look at this!

[textcolour blue]
[style octagon]
[font /usr/share/fonts/truetype/msttcorefonts/arial.ttf]
OFFERED Ancient possibly
pre-historic Chest Freezer

What, so we can store even
more pizza and sausages?

If we get all the mooses or
whatever from Jaakko's uncle we'll
have to keep them somewhere.

[Panel 2]
She says it's
rusty outside.

It's probably
against some
food reg
or other.

I s'pose.

And anyhow, it says 'pre-historic'.

You're probably right. We wouldn't
want people to think we were
feeding them woolly mammoth stew.

[Panel 3]
Don't bin it just yet...

What on earth would
YOU want it for?

I don't, but ma might. She used
to have one for the dog-kibble
until it rusted right through.


[Panel 4]
Nah. You don't turn it on.
It just keeps out the mice.

Ah. Maybe we ought
to get it for
Nils' gaming-stuff?

Easter eggs...

But would it be cheese-proof?

NOTHING is safe from Camille.

[style 8way]

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