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[Panel 1]
My uncle's sending another
red deer carcase. It should
clear customs by Tuesday.

One of us'll have to go and
fetch it. Your turn, isn't it?

I'll skive it, then.

I think we might want to
get him to slow down a bit.

[Panel 2]
Why? It isn't that much trouble
to fetch, and the sausage
machine is still working.

Yes, but we're running
out of friends we can
give the sausage to.

And if you keep giving me frozen
lumps of dubious meat you'll be
running out of friends, full stop.

Woman, you have no soul. Those are
prime-grade red-deer sausages.

[Panel 3]
I was only suggesting that there
seem to be rather a lot of them.

It's not as though we can sell the
things. Too many regulations.

At least we do eat them ourselves,
which is more than you can say for
the people who make Insta-Meals.

Well, obviously you can't sell
them for coin of the realm.
But there's nothing to say you
can't swap them for things.

[Panel 4]
Maybe we could subvert
freecycle a bit?

No, the rules say no swapping.

Vittu the rules! Then we'll have
to have some sort of exchange
system people won't notice!

Oh bloody hell, we're back to
cowrie shells again, aren't we?

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