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[Panel 1]
Nils doesn't seem very worried
about having been sacked, does he?

Well, it's all right for HIM. But I
want to know I'm going to have a
roof over my head, and I won't if
he can't pay the mortgage.

AND I was hoping Ginny would have
some more catering gigs, and now
that's all gone on hold too.

Have there been any
threatening letters yet?

[Panel 2]
Not that I've seen. But he ought
at least to be looking slightly
worried. If Steve fired me I'd
be hitting up every pub near
here for a bit of work.

He can't be making THAT much off
the rent. Well, I don't know what
he's charging Camille and Beatrice...

The occasional pseudopod,
I think. Makes a change
from an arm and a leg.

[Panel 3]
Well, you can't pay a mortgage
in pseudopods, or pseudo pies,
or whatever they are when
there's more than one of them.


Oh no. I just had a
really awful thought.

More awful than eating
bits of his lodgers?

[Panel 4]
Maybe he and Jaakko are planning to
take the sausage-making commercial.

You're right: that's too
horrible to contemplate.
But is there a market
for "meat" sausage?

Steve likes them with curry sauce.

That would be "no", then.


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