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# (in the main office)
[Panel 1]
Yves was saying they're all
running scared in the Paris office,
managers stalking the corridors
laying people off at random...

So how did he get
made team leader?

He'd been hiding from the
new bosses, so they didn't
know anything bad about him
and he came out on top.

[Panel 2]
Hang on, there's an email coming in...

[textcolour blue]
[style octagon]
[font /usr/share/fonts/truetype/msttcorefonts/arial.ttf]
Dear Peon,
Due to the current economic
climate, MegaGloboBank UK has
been placed under the partial
control of the government.

[Panel 3]
Oh damn. They took the bailout.

You know what this means?

Yeah, they're going to make us...

Since systems administration
will be handled by government
infrastructure teams, your
position has been made redundant.

[Panel 4]

Yes! To the pub,
first round's on me.

Huh? We've just been sacked
and you're celebrating?

He thought they were going
to keep us on and make
us be civil servants.

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