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[Panel 1]
Quick, get me one of whatever
Ginny likes to drink.

That depends on what
sort of mood she's in.

Some of her friends took her
to a science fiction convention
on Saturday. Apparently
it was terrifying.

[Panel 2]
Tsarevich Ivan Special, then.
There's some vodka in the freezer
for emergencies, if you think...?

Oh yes, this is an
emergency all right.

Fair enough then. Now
remember, we've got your
disclaimer on file for this.

[Panel 3]
[style rect]
Scant seconds later...

# (drinking)
Ah. Better.

You still haven't said just
what was so worrying about it...

Painfully realistic
spacecraft design?

Alien languages?

[Panel 4]
The entirety of Star
Trek back to back?

'Orrible out of tune singing?
Not that I'd know anything about it.

It was full of normal people
talking about ordinary
things. It was the scariest
thing I've ever been to.

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