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[Panel 1]
Remember, I will be away
for the next few weeks.

Doing anything interesting?

I am going to cycle round Europe.

[Panel 2]
When you say Europe,
which bits do you mean?

All of it. Well, except Finland of
course, I've already done that.


[Panel 3]
Even if it were in the
European Union (which it
is not) it is not part
of Europe. You need only
look at the map.

So, just the outer edge?

The inside edge too of course, I
cannot compromise the topology.

Oh, and I did Ireland at Easter.

[Panel 4]
Sounds as though it's not much of a
trip round Europe at all really.

It all gets much more
exciting when one goes
along the Russian border.

They still have warrants out
for my family. Something
about a truck going missing...

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