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# big room, round the table
[Panel 1]
"Tithing". Ten, and
double word is twenty.

That's a bit
archaic, isn't it?

Count yourself lucky I'm not
allowed to play "hwaet".


Are you passing?

[Panel 2]
No, "bah" is the longest
word I can make. Eight.

Couldn't you get ONE of
those on a double letter?

I'll take that "chain" you left lying
around and stick a "sawing" on the end.
Twenty, double the W is twenty-four,
triple word is seventy-two.

[Panel 3]

Oh, it could be worse. In the
new edition you can use proper
nouns or spell words backwards.

Come off it. What
would be the point?

[Panel 4]
Got to beat the old score records
somehow. Like hotel star ratings.
I think someone's building a
"ten star" hotel in Dubai...


Eleven, double Y is fifteen,
double word is thirty.

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