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# at work
[Panel 1]
...and by the time my hangover
went away, so had the cold.

You could just have
told me. I have
spare Koskenkorva.

That would have required thought.

[Panel 2]
You know, there are
alternatives to drinking
yourself into
unconsciousness when you
have a cold.

Ginny, we watched
every single film
version of Beowulf
that Elizabeth
could find.

Unconsciousness was
a blessed relief.

[Panel 3]
I've always found colds a good
excuse to pamper oneself.

Stay in bed and eat
chocolates, that
sort of thing.

If I asked Bell to
bring me chocolates
in bed, that would
violate the terms
of the lease.

[Panel 4]
Anyway, I don't
keep chocolate
in the house.


No, it's the way it evaporates
from the shelf and everyone
wakes up with sticky brown
stains on their lips.

Aha! You are all were-mice!

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