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# in the big room
[Panel 1]
Who else is coming to
this film showing, then?

Ginny said she'd come by if she
could get out of work in time.
And someone I don't know sent
me a text saying "on my way".

Oh, that's Caz.

[Panel 2]
How do you know?

I invited her.

But why should some random
phone number be her?

She has... hang on,
that'll be her now.


[Panel 3]
Am I interrupting something?

Tell my friend here
about the wallet
full of SIM cards.

Oh, that. It's just to
save money really.

Different ones for voice to
Voodoophone, voice to other
mobiles, voice to landlines...

[Panel 4]
Data, bulk data, anonymous data...

Texts, special offer free
texts, free calls first
week but only after 9pm...

Um. How d'you keep 'em straight?

Colour coding.

Now, did I need Sea Foam
or Spindrift to remind Jaz
to turn the stew off...?

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