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# in the pub
[Panel 1]
Well, I'm never going
back THERE again.

Where, Mandi?

Rock Solid Bank, the branch
over by the wharf. They claimed
I tried to burn it down.

[Panel 2]
Did you?


We wouldn't blame you,
you know. I know I've
wanted to often enough.

No, I just walked in, and
all of a sudden the carpet
started smouldering.

[Panel 3]
Not wearing incendiary boots
or anything, are you?

Just had a raincoat
on over this lot.

Plastic coat. Wool blouse.
Nylon carpet. Hmmmmmmmm.


[Panel 4]

Don't suppose you fancy a
guided tour of our server room?
I could use the overtime.

Don't do it!
Those fire
are LOUD.

It's all right, my mother
warned me about going into
server rooms with strange men.

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