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[Panel 1]
[Bell] this guy's saying Bill
Clinton lost the nuclear launch
codes for months at a time. Of
course he's got a book to promote.

Well, as long as nobody knew
the things were missing they
were just as effective, right?
The Americans always claimed
they were just a deterrent.

And if you believe that I have
a very hot crater to sell you.

[Panel 2]
It's not as if South Africa has
a particularly glowing record.



But they never even got a squib
off before it all fell apart.


[Panel 3]
Anyway, these days EVERYBODY
has bombs. Even Steve.

Hah, yeah...

Now now, there's no call
to be talking about that.


Come on Steve, he's seen that
chest you keep by the stairs.

[Panel 4]
Anything I may (or may not) have
found while I was in places hot and
foreign is my own business, right?


Blast radius ought to reach
to Westminster, which is
all that really matters.


Got him! Told you he'd fall for it.

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