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[Panel 1]
What would you say was the
best way to get a horse
out of a house, Ginny?

Change the U to an R?

Don't know, never had to.
We did once get a pony
out of a swimming-pool...

Did I ever tell
you about the
time the goat...

Yes, you did.

Oh, all right.

[Panel 2]
Is there a particular reason you
were asking? I mean. there isn't
a horse in the flat, is there?


No, I went and visited the
Aged Parents last weekend.

And Ma has been going on about
the moss between the bricks in
the yard for ages and ages.

As one does.

[Panel 3]
So when Pa saw a patent
brass-wire patio-cleaning
brush he got it for her.

As one would.

And she used it. A lot.

So when the horse in the next-
door field came to say hello
and leaned lovingly on the wall...

I see.

[Panel 4]
Which is why it was in the kitchen
eating beans out of a colander when
we came down for breakfast.

Not to worry, Elizabeth. Just give
Jaakko and me the address and we'll
go round with the sausage-machine.
You won't know it was ever there.

NO, Nils. It has become a family
friend. In fact I think it's a
lodger now. Certainly not food.

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