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[Panel 1]
You remember that the freezer was
completely full of sausages?

Yes, after Nils and Jaakko overdid
the sausage-making that time.

I have a feeling they
explained that as all Jaakko's
uncle's cat's fault.

Whatever the reason was,
it was a nuisance.

[Panel 2]
Whatever the reason was, the
nuisance seems to have been abated.

What, you mean someone
has been eating sausages?

Yes. It was a dirty job
but someone had to do it.

More to the point, you two
made your feelings about
another sausage ever passing your
collective lips quite clear.

[Panel 3]
So at enormous sacrifice
Jaakko held a vast braai
and they were all used up.

You mean -- we have
our freezer back?

Well, sort of.

Until we got the labeller and started
to note everything we put in there...

Oh no! Little anonymous
packets of Strange Stuff?

And I have no idea
what most of them are.

[Panel 4]
The only way to find out is to
defrost them and cook them.


I'll eat them.

You're even crazier than usual!

Oh, come on -- I may not
be terribly handy about
the house, but if you want
something eaten, I'm your man.

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