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[Panel 1]
Have you been in the Rose recently?

Not since a few
days back, no. Why?

I was just wondering
whether Steve had tried to
give you a goldfish yet.

Why would Steve have a goldfish?

[Panel 2]
Oh, he doesn't. It's Caz
who's got a goldfish.

I don't quite see why
Steve would be trying to
get rid of Caz's goldfish.

Maybe he doesn't
like goldfish?

I don't think he feels anything
about them one way or another.

[Panel 3]
Has she taken to bringing it
into the pub in a plastic bag
and TAUNTING him with it?

No, no! It's just that Jaz won
it in a fair at the end of
August, and Caz doesn't feel
competent to run it properly.

So Steve said he'd ask
around, and it's been rather
funny when he has been.

[Panel 4]
You mean THAT was why Jaakko was
asking me about goldfish sausages?
I thought he meant did I have
any, not did I want some...

The trouble with you two is that
you think with your stomachs.

Pore little unloved goldfish...

NO, Elizabeth.

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