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[Panel 1]
That is absolutely the last
time I go anywhere on the tube!

Why? And why were you anyway?

It's a long story.

I had to meet someone.

[Panel 2]

Yes, really!

Anyway, from now on I shall
stick to a god-fearing bicycle.

Not that my bicycle is afraid
of god or man, you understand.

Or pig.

We had sort of gathered.

[Panel 3]
But what has the tube done to you?

It was at Farringdon. There
was this notice. It said

Pay Attention. The Mice at this
Station have been attacking
Customers. Please Place the
bottom of your trousers into
your Socks to avoid being a
Victim of the Farringdon Mice.

[Panel 4]
Luckily I had my
bicycle clips with me.

It has to be a joke!

Ohh, I dunno -
remember that song?

"Hell is dark, hell is deep,
hell is full of mice"...

Yes, but is Farringdon
station hell?

In the rush hour, yes.

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