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[Panel 1]
[Nils] apparently Caz isn't happy
about running a goldfish when Jaz
is off on a job, and so she's
looking for a new home for it.

They're really not that much
trouble. I'd take it myself,
but there's always the risk
of disease if you bring two
lots of fish together...

That of course is what you get for
running a COMMERCIAL goldfish.

[Panel 2]

Well, it is all up to the
manufacturer. No root
password, no OS updates, and
they can stop it working
whenever they want to.

I think that's called "dying".

[Panel 3]
That's the POINT! You should
be able to re-image from the
last good backup and work
out what went wrong!

I don't believe you
have quite grasped...

I'll find some jailbreak
sites. You'll see!

[Panel 4]

Let him go. I'd rather he kick
off the goldfish rebellion
than the robot rebellion.

After a few seconds they'll forget
about killing all humans and just
swim round and round in circles.

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