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[Panel 1]
Oh, hi, Mandi. I was
hoping to see Bell....

You've got a right cheek!

And a left one...

No, seriously, I just wanted to
see Bell. And I'd like a pint.

[Panel 2]
Buying it out of
her lottery winnings,
I suppose.

I don't serve
people like you.

Steve! I'll be in
the other bar.

But there isn't another....


And if there were I don't suppose
you'd get a drink there either.


[Panel 3]
Caz! Hi! Maybe you
know where Bell...

If I knew where Bell was,
which I don't, I wouldn't
tell a rat like you.


That's a bit of an insult to rats,
Caz. Some of them are quite nice.


[Panel 4]
I'd be happy to serve a rat.
But YOUR custom isn't welcome.

He doesn't want to have to
come out from behind the bar.

I on the other hand
am out here already.


All I wanted was to see Bell...

She wanted to see you, too,
but I don't want to have to
clean blood off the floor
just before Christmas.

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