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[Panel 1]
Right, you Swiss bastard,
I've got you now...

Is aught amiss?

Quite the opposite.

I'm tracking the planes
in and out of City Airport.

[Panel 2]
What, with that thing?

Ag, it's just a cheap DAB
receiver stick, but it's
all controlled by software.

Which I've replaced.

I'll stick a better
aerial on it next week.

So now that you've caught
the planes, what are you
going to do with them?

[Panel 3]
Don't know yet.

Real-time animation?


Typical delays between
landing and arrival

So long as you don't keep
them on the roof here....

Why on earth would I want to do
that? They'd be no fun there.

Nils, does it ever occur
to you that you might be
mistaken for a terrorist?

[Panel 4]
No, why?

I don't go out
teasing the cops...

But they love nice
easy convictions to
get their stats up.

Good point. I'll paint COUNCIL
PROPERTY on the aerial mount.

Oh, sure. Then
they'll KNOW you're
up to no good.

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