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# at work
[Panel 1]
What I don't understand is why we
even HAVE a branch in Jersey.

We don't.

MegaGloboBank (Jersey) Inc. is
a COMPLETELY separate company.


In that case they should have
completely separate computers
that I don't have to fix.

[Panel 2]
Still, not too bad
in the end, was it?

No, mostly it's just the wet
string they have out there instead
of an Internet connection.

If I ever get that rich, remind
me to tax-exile myself somewhere
with better bandwidth.

So what was all that fuss
about in the afternoon?

[Panel 3]
You sent, and I quote,
"Fm mtvlros pu."

Well, obviously I'd looked
up the real ale pubs there
before I went out.


So I wandered in before I
headed back to the airport...

...and found the landlord
having a few pints...

[Panel 4]
...with the landlord
of another pub...

...and the ex-landlord of a third.

For you, that seems
almost reasonable.

Well, it would have been
rude not to join them...

But if I'D walked in, it
wouldn't have been that good.
Face it, Nils, you're a Beer Muse.

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