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[Panel 1]
[Nils] then Fiona said either the
bees were going or she was.

And what did
the bosses do?

They offered her an adrenalin
pen, but she talked them up to
paying for her early retirement.

[Panel 2]
AND she's walked into a new job
as an assistant curate in Essex.

What does an
curate do?

Er... assists the proper curate?
She seemed happy about it, anyway.

So that's good.

[Panel 3]
Except that she was the one
who kept the rest of the admin
office in order. You went
to her, she got things DONE.

Yes, but she also knew
how much stationery was
meant to be in the stores.

Jaakko! You didn't!

[Panel 4]
Remember all that eco-friendly
printer paper Derek bought just
before they threw him out?

Couldn't use it
because of the
couldn't throw it
away because of
the asset
management... oh.

Yes, now it is in someone
else's stores and we need
never think about it again.

Until it starts to rot...

Not our problem, though, is it?

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