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[Panel 1]
According to the news,
compensation for CEOs is
increasing faster than ever.

Have I forgotten my
English, or is compensation
not the thing you get when
someone injures you?

It's recompense for being forced
to work for whole HOURS at a time.

[Panel 2]
Thinking of CEOs, aren't you still
in charge of Ratel Consulting?

I thought
we were a

That's what you
were meant to think.

[Panel 3]
And are you taking lots of
shares instead of taxable money?

We don't have shares. I just
own the company, and all its
assets. BOTH the computers.

Anyway it's all just a dodge so
that it doesn't count as salary...

[Panel 4]
So what are the tax implications of

As the Company Secretary, I think

Hold it, new corporate policy.

From now on we do all our internal
accounting in cowrie shells.

It's just SIMPLER...

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