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[Panel 1]
Hello, sysadmins.

No, we don't run the new
phone system. You need
to talk to Internals.

No, the new phones
won't work unless your
computer's running.
It's a Feature.

You don't have a computer right
next to the hall phone? That's
not a supported configuration.

[Panel 2]
Hello, sysadmins.

Yes, you can also reach us through
the new phone system. So I'm told.

No, we're not tearing down our
private unofficial infrastructure.

You're welcome. Send the
whisky to the usual place.

[Panel 3]
Hello, sysadmins.

Yes, it seems the new phone
switch has fallen over under all
the calls from people asking if
the new phone switch is working.

No, we are not working
on it. You want Internals.

No, true, I do not want
Internals either.

[Panel 4]
Hello, sysadmins.

No, it all runs on Microsoft
apparently. I'm sure that choice
was PURELY on its technical merits.

No, the new phone
server is still down.

No, the Internals phones are all on
the new system. Have you considered
walking over and simply telling them?

No, I can't possibly lend you
my panga. There's a queue.

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