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[Panel 1]
Ah, good, Ginny, I
need words with you.

I wasn't there.
Nobody saw anything.

She was somewhere
else, and so was I.

(Not. Helping.)

[Panel 2]
Elizabeth has got the
library to put down actual
money for their party.

But it's got to be next
weekend, just before
term starts again.


You don't need me for something
like that. I'll just drop off the
hog-roasting trailer with you.

[Panel 3]
But but but...

Not if it's too hot for scorched
pig, though. Hmm. How about
platters of subtleties?

See, you KNOW this
stuff. I just cook it.

Oh all right then. I'll come
along and hold your hand.

[Panel 4]
Oh good, I don't have to
bribe you with madrigals.

Oh, it's THAT lot is it?
Frumenty and pie, or they'll
be plastered before pudding.

If only we could serve
them Mediaeval Gin...

Sloe Brandy?

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