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[Panel 1]
Well, that could have gone better.

Oh, come on. A bit of a slow
start, but no explosions,
nobody drownded...

I think your error was
offering "food in the
authentic mediaeval style".

To most of this lot, that
means cholera and dysentery.

[Panel 2]
At least they ate it eventually.

Yes, but we had to bring out the
emergency barrel of Jaakko's
home-brewed mead. Which we
shouldn't have served them at all.

It's all right, I got
waivers from them.

Once Professor Jones decided
he'd go for it, the rest
were bound to follow.

[Panel 3]
Was he the nice old
boy with the stick?

I suppose you could
call him that.

You wouldn't if you'd met
him on his bicycle, though.

Ah, spiritual kin to Jaakko?

[Panel 4]
They must never meet!

What he doesn't know about the
Vikings, nobody's dug up yet.

Oh dear. Yes. Jaakko
would get... enthusiastic.

From the whimsy of the Northmen,
Good Lord, deliver us.

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