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[Panel 1]
You were pretty good at
OGRE. I don't see why you
don't play more games.

I've always regarded them
as a pastime for idiots
with nothing better to do.

AND I couldn't sit down
in the sitting room because
of that bloody game box.

[Panel 2]
But it can't live in MY room! I
have to be able to get to my bed!

Elizabeth was right. We DON'T
have room for two copies. I'm
not sure we have room for one.

Look, you've got your own room...
and landlord or not, you don't get
to tell me what I can't keep here.

Unless it's on fire.

[Panel 3]
Anyway, have you seen
Elizabeth today?

Don't be silly, she's
gone away for Christmas.

What, is it that time already? Why
haven't you gone Up North then?

[Panel 4]
I have.

This is a hallucination brought
on by escaping cheese fumes.

You should probably
call an ambulance now.

Oh, not again.
Camille! Beatrice!

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