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[Panel 1]
That's it then, Camille. They've
all gone off for Christmas.

[style 8way]

Just you and me.

Well, and Beatrice.

And the cat's
around somewhere.

And the slaughterbot.

[Panel 2]
And an indeterminate
number of mice.

And a more-than-usually-
venomous surströmming
that Jaakko wanted me
to look after for him.


In fact it's a bit bloody
INFESTED round here.

Time for a winter clean.

I'm sure I can modify the
slaughterbot a bit...

[Panel 3]
[style rect]
Twelve hours later...

I don't get it. It ought
to be easy. Kill all humans,
kill all pests, that's not
so very different is it?

[size 11.5]
[textcolour SteelBlue4]
[font Amelia_BT.ttf]
...preserve only the factories,
railroads, machines,
mines, and raw materials...

[Panel 4]
No, no, "preserve only the immobile
food, bedding, and furniture"!
Bloody machine, I don't know how
you expect to take over the world.


And you can shut up, you don't
even move for your... self...

Hey, Camille, how would you like
to have a robot chariot to ride?


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