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[Panel 1]
Bell, would you...

Oh. Never mind.


No, it's all right. I was
going to ask you to take the
rubbish (tins and plastic
packaging but not glass) down,
but I'll do it in a minute.

[Panel 2]
And why shouldn't I do it?

Oh, right, this is
one of those reverse
psychology things isn't it?

No, I just thought you looked
a bit under the weather.

[Panel 3]
Great, now he's judging
me by my appearance.

Hellfire, woman, I'm just
trying to be NICE to you!

Well let me tell YOU,
you're not the prettiest


[Panel 4]
Airway, breathing,
circulation, check.

All right, how have
you broken Bell?

Don't. Just don't.

But you could give me a hand
to get her to the sofa...?

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