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# in the pub
[Panel 1]
I still say you could just
have filled it with water.

But what would
happen when
the weather
got cold?


His bloody truck boiled over.

[Panel 2]
That is fine. It is a
strong truck. It can cope.

Well, if
you say so.

And he wouldn't bloody top
it up because he didn't have
any of the special coolant.

Water is bad! Water expands
and breaks your engine!

[Panel 3]
Only if it freezes. It
doesn't freeze much here.

I am sure there will
be proper weather here
one day. It could
freeze tomorrow!

Chance would be a fine thing.

We've even been having trouble
keeping the beer cool.

Ah, that is surely a Sign.

[Panel 4]
You did not really want to go to
the cash and carry anyway, did you?

Topping up our
own coolant levels
is distinctly
more important.

Oh good. Letting beer
go bad is a Sin.

I did not think you were
the religious type?

Reformed Pragmatist.

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