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[Panel 1]
Did you do anything about the
office Christmas Party this year?

No. Couldn't be bothered.

Oh dear what a pity
what ever shall I do?

Drink cloudberry vodka and
eat salmiak, I imagine.

[Panel 2]
Why do you have these
parties anyway?

Nobody seems to
want to go to them.

The marketing people do.

Well I wish them joy of it.

[Panel 3]
And if it's not for the whole
company they don't get as much
money for nasty white wine.

I am so glad we
are contractors.

Not to mention they're
now paying us twice
as much as they did
when we were regulars.

All hail money-saving initiatives!

[Panel 4]
Mind you, it does get a bit
samey. Even if I am the first
Cowrie Shell Millionaire.

Did you ever sort out a way to
swap them for something useful?

Weeeeeellll... yes, but
last I checked it was
three million cowrie shells
to half a pint of lager.

Then I think it MUST be your round.

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