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[Panel 1]

Good weekend, then?

Helping my mum with guests.

That was a bit sudden, wasn't it?

[Panel 2]
One of my aunts died, so mum
put people up when they came
to England for the funeral.

Just what she needed?

Pretty much. She never
notices her problems if she
can help somebody else.

[Panel 3]
But it's still hard work looking
after people who are used to doing
everything their own way.

Breakfast! How does it work?

And "flush the toilet with one
short pull, then one long one".

At least my aunt is
well off out of it.

[Panel 4]
Should have let me know, I
could have got some of my mates
to turn up in full blacks.

Nils, what do YOU think you
should do when someone dies?

Well, that depends on whether
you remembered to put down
the plastic sheeting first.

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