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[Panel 1]
Evening, Nils. Pint of mild?

Lekker! Steve always
said it wouldn't
sell well enough.

This is a test to
see if it will.

Jislaaik, woman, you do put
me on the spot, don't you?

[Panel 2]
I see an incoming nutter.
Better make it two pints.

And two for me too.

I... never mind. Drink
up, we've got a barrel
to get through or Bell
won't order any more.

You know, some days, you just
have to step up and take the hit.

[Panel 3]
Do shut up and leave the bar
clear, there's a good chap.

But of course.
Two pints for
my friend here!

Well, if
you insist.

Not only do I insist, I will
soon be explaining to you
very slowly and carefully
just why it is that I insist.

[Panel 4]
I heard a rumour there was a
mild on. Hope there's some left?

Well, for now...

You'd better get a few in
now. The madrigal group will
be here in ten minutes.

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