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[Panel 1]
It's just that it's been
nearly a week since I
heard anything from Nils.

Yes, but it's Nils.

I'm sure he'll turn up, babbling
about something or other.

[Panel 2]


Bother, my money
was on beer.

There was beer too!

And German Mongolian
Barbecue. But mostly

[Panel 3]
You've been to Essen.

We've been to Essen!

There's something
interesting in Essen?

ONLY the biggest
boardgames show
in the WORLD!

o god

[Panel 4]
And, well, I may need to
raise my bed a bit to fit
the new games under it.

If you'd said, I'd
have given you
a shopping list.

We probably
bought it

So after a solid
week of boardgames,
what are you going
to do to relax?

Well... Anyone fancy a
quick round of Flash Point?

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