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[Panel 1]


This mail.

[textcolour blue]
[style octagon]
[font /usr/share/fonts/truetype/msttcorefonts/arial.ttf]
There are sandwiches in the
staff room, please help yourself.

[Panel 2]
Er, well, and?

it's a Ploy.

The question is
what SORT of ploy?

I think you may have to expand
on that. Just a tiny bit.

[Panel 3]
Obviously it's not the bosses being
nice. I mean, they're the bosses.

So is it that they
want us to go back to
being permies to get
a share of the perks?

Or are they trying
to poison the more
expendable workers?

Does this mean the sandwich-vendor
won't be roaming the halls any
more, waiting to be brought
down by the mighty hunter?


[Panel 4]
Oh, hi guys. Someone left this
plate of sandwiches in the
staff room so I brought it back
here before they dried out.

It's a trap!

Suit yourself Nils,
I'll have your share.

Maybe not that much of a trap.

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