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[Panel 1]
Seen Nils lately?

I think he's gone
off somewhere
with Jaakko.

Judging by how quiet
it was in the office
this week, anyway.

Bother. Just as I've
got a new mild on too.

[Panel 2]
Oh, I don't think we'll have a
problem getting through it.

If you lot did I'd
think you were ill.

But YOU don't have to live with
the complaints when he gets
back and finds he missed it.

[Panel 3]
Have you tried distracting
him with shiny things?

He's not
a blasted

I wonder.

Spinning CDs. That'll
do it every time.

[Panel 4]
Or a beer he hasn't drunk before.

Or rumours of the
robot revolution.

In fact sometimes I
wonder how he ever
gets anything DONE.

Well, once he's been distracted,
the original job can
distract him back again...

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