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[Panel 1]

Bell, are you OK?

I've got something
to say, all right?

Steve's hand-cranked
accounting system for the
pub was all very well, but...

[size 7]
I could really use a laptop.

[Panel 2]
[style thinks]
A: "Hah, told you you'd come
round to my way of thinking."
B: "Are you sure you can learn
to use it?"
C: "What sort would you prefer?"

[style rrect]
What d'you fancy? Shiny and
thin, or cheap and powerful?

[size 10]
The latter.

Need a long battery life?

[Panel 3]
Not really.

That's easy then, I'll set you
up with one of the machines
I've rescued from Freecycle.

You just have to promise never
to run Windows on it again.

As long as it does what I want
I don't care what it runs.

[Panel 4]
Just make sure you call it "Lord
Protector" or "Old Ironsides".


Well, it's his birthday.

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